Operations Manager/Co-Founder Eco Drone

Richard became an aviation enthusiast at an early age; flying his first R/C airplane at the age of 12. Over the next 40 years he would amass 1000+ hours of flight time, combined, on fixed wing, single rotor, and multi rotor aircraft, helicopters and UAV’s. Richard is also a very accomplished instructor; having taught over 1500 periods of instruction during his 23+ year career in the Canadian Forces; as well as a trainer for public speaking in the civilian workplace. Richard brings dedication, professionalism and a passion for piloting UAV’s to the team at Eco Drone Solutions.

Technical & Process Development/Co-Founder Ecodrone

Matthew Ashdown has a Masters Degree in Aerospace Engineering and 13 years experience as an entrepreneur. He flew UAV’S for a few years recreationally before consulting for startups and co-founding Eco drone Solutions. His love of the environment, storytelling and a determination to use UAV’s in service to the greater good inspires his work at Ecodrone. With a mind for scientific research and innovation he continues to find ways in which UAV’s can fulfill this vision.