Archaeological Mapping and Modelling

Allow us to deal with the logistical and regulatory aspects of executing your archaeological aerial mapping surveys using the latest technology and software. 

Maintaining a uav program and fleet is not always an easy task, requiring time, energy and financial resources. There are Transport Canada and Nav Canada requirements that mean you cannot just pop a drone up in the air and survey your site. 
We address these aspects for your team so that you can just turn up on site and direct us where to fly. 

We have a permit to operate anywhere throughout BC and are willing to work on international jobs where we are permitted or when we can obtain a permit. 
Our team of experts, our sophisticated drones and software combination allow us to map large areas of land to a high degree of accuracy geospatially. Afterwards we send you the completed maps or raw data to compile as you see fit. 

3D Maps 

A 3D model of your site can provide better and more detailed information than photos and provide a more complete record. When a survey grade quality model has been generated it also allows for measurements of importance to be determined in an office space rather than sending people out on to site again. The information can also be uploaded into GIS software to get provide sun shadow information where it may be of importance. 
Hilly terrain used to mean a variation in Ground Sampling Distance throughout drone generated maps. Now, with terrain following abilities, our drones can maintain a altitude above the ground and keep the GSD constant and the resolution of the map high. With BCs hilly mountainsides this is a must. 
Interested in the possibility of hiring us for a mapping job? Give us a call or drop and email and let's have a chat about how we might be able to help you. Consider it a free information gathering session. We believe in taking the time to determine whether working together is a mutual win-win fit.